Project Description

Bayshore was deconstruction project of a 34,000 SF commercial office building located in Palo Alto.

The City of Palo Alto has strict deconstruction ordinance, which required us to work with The Reuse People (TRP) to salvage, donate, and repurpose as much material as possible. Prior to starting the work TRP provided us with a deconstruction survey which identified all the items available for donation. Using this survey, we carefully removed, salvaged, stacked, banded, transported and donated an array of items to TRP facility in Oakland.

  • Removed 34,000 square feet of interior finishes back to a cold shell condition. In order to meet the cities diversion requirements we had to sort separate the different waste streams and utilize the city’s franchise debris box hauler. We separated plastics, metal, clean wood, cardboard, drywall, carpet, ceiling tile, and trash in to different debris boxes to avoid comingling the materials.  
  • Buccaneer Demolition braced the walls, deconstructed the roof framing, demolished the concrete slabs, footings and cleared approximately 50,000 SF of site improvements. We carefully dismantled, salvaged, de-nailed, stacked and banded the plywood roof sheathing, roof joist, purlins, glue lamb beams, and wood ledgers. All this material was donated to TRP facility in Oakland.

Scope of Work

Buccaneer Demolition removed 34,000 square feet of interior finishes back to a cold shell condition. We deconstructed the roof, saving all the glulam, purlins, joists, and plywood. We also, salvaged, and repurposed doors, door frames, doorjambs, light fixtures, carpet, ceiling tile and wall cabinets.  

Prior to the concrete walls being removed an abatement contractor was hired to mechanically remove all the concrete walls with less than 1% ACM texture. The material was properly disposed of and handled.

This project was completed per the deconstruction ordinance required by the City of Palo Alto which is sent to The Reuse People in Oakland CA.

Waste Diversion from Landfill

Buccaneer Demolition diverted and redirected 84.97% of waste from the landfills:

  • Total Tons Generated: 35.13
  • Total Tons Diverted from the landfill: 29.85