The Marshall Squares

Marshall Squares

Site Clearing / Building Demolition

Project Description

The Marshall Squares project consisted of the removal of six commercial buildings near the historic St. James Park located in downtown San Jose.  The site was comprised of various retail buildings, office buildings, a post office, and courthouse.  The demolition scope included the following:

  • Managed and supervised a remediation subcontractor to remove all the asbestos and lead containing materials prior to starting the structure demolition.
  • Obtained a restricted access permit (RAP) to work next to an active VTA light rail system. Our personnel attended railway worker protection classes, and underwent an extensive screening process to get security badges when working next to the railroad.   
  • Installed scaffolding with a pedestrian tunnel to deconstruct a three-story office building next to the side walk on First street. Given the proximity to the sidewalk and the amount of foot traffic, this was the best method to take down the building safely. 
  • Installed shoring in one basement to prevent the sidewalk from caving in. We worked closely with a structural engineer and grading contractor to safely remove the basement wall in phases.
  • Buccaneer Demolition removed approximately 63,400 SF of buildings, including the concrete hardscape, asphalt, trees and two basements.