Camera 12


Selective Hard Demolition

Project Description

The Camera 12 project was a three-story movie theater in downtown San Jose that had 12 screens.

Buccaneer Demolition removed approximately 235,000 SF of interior finishes back to a cold shell condition. The demolition scope included the following:

  • Salvaged the Camera 12 neon sign and donated it to the History of San Jose Museum.
  • Obtained a restricted access permit (RAP) to work next to an active VTA light rail system. Our personnel attended railway worker protection classes, and underwent an extensive screening process to get security badges when working next to the railroad.
  • Provided adequate ventilation to circulate the air while performing demolition activities during the height of the pandemic. We hired a mechanical subcontractor to modify the existing HVAC systems to circulate fresh air throughout the space at all time.   
  • Complete removal of all the audio equipment, theater seating, screens, drywall partitions, furring, metal stud framing, suspended ceilings, fluorescent light bulbs, light fixtures, mechanical duct, carpet, ceramic tile, resilient floorings and mastics.
  • Complete removal of all catwalks, concrete mezzanines, ramps, and raised floors within the different theaters rooms.
  • Complete removal of an existing elevator, two stairwells, and four escalators.
  • Buccaneer Demolition contracted, supervised, and managed a concrete cutting subcontractor to wall saw approximately 35 new wall openings throughout the space.
  • Selectively saw cut and removed the concrete slabs, footings and grade beams to accommodate the new foundation work.